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Where is Opera Global Business?

Opera Global Business network has its own offices in 8 countries (Spain, United Arab Emirates, South Korea, Taiwan, Italy, Albania, Panama and Colombia); from each one of them we cover the near geographical areas and the bordering markets, being supported also by our trusted partners. Our headquarters coordinates the activities and the projects that are executed every day in the different continents. For more information, see our section  “OurNetwork”.

I am not sure which could be my target market: What can I do?

Our market intelligence department is ready to find opportunities and niches in different global markets. Through a study, both in origin and in destination, and applying our own know-how, it will be possible to identify the opportunities for the company in the short, medium and long term, depending on the commercial strategy of the company. For more information, see our section “Market Intelligence”.

I have a limited budget for internationalization: Should I discard this path?

Internationalization is a process that takes shape on the needs of each company: all investments in this sector can generate important changes in the business process. Our consultants and international promotion experts will study the needs and objectives to propose the most effective solution. For more information, see our section “International Promotion”.

Does Opera Global Business only work with public organisms?

Throughout the last decade, Opera Global Business has expanded its portfolio of experience by adapting its qualities to the different needs of its clients, supporting from the micro-enterprises international dreams in Latin America to the international promotion plans of a South East Asian Ministry. For more information, see our section “Customers”.

I am interested in a grant for my project: What can I do?

Our departments review daily the main regional, national and international grants that aim to help and support companies in their internationalization and international promotion processes. Our experts will be pleased to analyze the situation and propose options. For more information, see our sections “European and multilateral projects” and “CMO Wine projects”.

How can I know if my company is ready to export?

The exit towards external markets represents an important bet for many companies, whether it is carried out individually or under a consortium’s umbrella. Over the last 10 years, our consultants have developed an export diagnosis program that allows us to identify the company’s real needs in its internationalization process as well as the identification of real and concrete objectives. For more information, see our section “Market Intelligence”.

How can I expand my client portfolio in a specific market?

Opera Global Business has developed a series of consulting products that allow companies and organizations to obtain both qualitative and quantitative information about the operations and the key players in the destination market. The services are adapted to the different needs and requirements of the client. For more information, see our section “International Promotion”.

Experience and knowledge.

Opera Global Business as an international consulting firm in strategic promotional plans has a multidisciplinary team with education in Economics, Market Analysis, Marketing, Digital Marketing, Communication, Public Relationships and Advertising. It has staff with more than 20 years of experience, more than eight nationalities and a multilingual team, and it has local staff in each of its offices and its representatives.

Oscar Pérez Bormujo
Óscar Pérez-Borbujo Álvarez


+34 629501910

Antonio Adarraga
Antonio Adarraga icono LinkedIn

General Manager

+34 607030423

María José Jiménez
María José Jiménez icono LinkedIn

Sales Manager

+34 679951470

Juan Manuel López
Angelo Puccia

Multilateral Projects & Marketing Manager

+34 673431888

Álvaro Espejo
Álvaro Espejo

Market research & Training Manager

+34 679399955

Angelo Puccia
Angelo Puccia

Italy & Albania Office Manager

+34 673431888

Juan Manuel López
Juan Manuel López

International Sales Manager

+34 658307004

Sebastián Díaz
Sebastián Díaz

Market Research & Tenders Coordinator

+34 674227500

Fernando Medina
Fernando Medina

Production Manager

+34 639131801

Alejandro Rodríguez
Alejandro Rodríguez

International Projects Coordinator

+34 662 14 43 48

Claudia Román
Claudia Román

CMO Projects Manager

+34 647358160

Fuensanta Pérez
Fuensanta Pérez

International Promotion Coordinator

+34 678598908

María López Barbero
María López Barbero

International Promotion Assistant

+34 957768448

Ricardo Rojas
Ricardo Rojas icono LinkedIn

Financial Manager

+34 662385539

Alejandro Rodríguez
Mirko Todesca

International Promotion Assistant

+34 674 72 48 09

Jana Izquierdo

Panama Office Manager

T. +507 397 1374
M. +507 6321 1754

Alejandro Rodríguez
Elías Sicilia

International Projects Manager

+34 674 24 37 26

Elena Silva  

South Korea Country Manager

(+82) 02 3703 6696

(+82) 010 7232 60 95

Icono Sonia
Nuria López

International Promotion Assistant

(+34) 957 768 448

Fuensanta Pérez
Gema Moguer 

International Promotion Assistant

(+34) 957 768 448

María López Barbero
Sonia Ortiz 

Manager Assitant

(+34) 678 547 688

Luis Aranda 

Brazil Country Manager

(+34) 673 795 061

Headquarters: +34 957 768 448

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