Opera Global supports the Brazilian dental equipment

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Opera Global supports the Brazilian medical and dental equipment in its growth to the markets of Indonesia and Thailand

Another project harvested by Opera Global supporting Brazilian exports. In this case we have supported ABIMO during its trade missions to Southeast Asia, organizing two business conferences with distributors of medical and dental products in the cities of Jakarta and Bangkok. “

ABIMO (San Pablo, Brazil), a Brazilian industrial association of products for laboratory, hospital, dentistry and medical equipment, has launched a brand that will represent the products of the Brazilian healthcare industry internationally.

Opera Global Business continues its collaboration with Promos Italia

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One more year, the foreign trade consultant has offered its support to the Italian national promotion agency (Promos Italia), implementing different activities financed by internationalization bonds in favor of local companies.

These actions are within the scope of the Internationalization Process of micro, small and medium enterprises in the territories of Milan, Monza, Brianza, Lodi 2019. Offered annually by Promos Italia, a Lombard company has been able to take advantage of international consulting services.

Leader in Italy in the sector of conducting and evaluating selective tests, this company has been supported by Opera Global Business during its entry into the spanish market.

Several consulting services have been offered during these four months, until the organization of an agenda of bilateral meetings in the city of Madrid.

From September 23 to 25, the Director and Project Director of the Italian company had the opportunity to meet with 5 potential Spanish partners. This meeting served to learn about the reality of the local sector and evaluate possible lines of collaboration.

The result of all this has been rated very positively, having identified clear business development opportunities in the Spanish territory in the future. In addition to the support offered by Opera Global Business and Promos Italia in these months.

[DOWNLOAD REPORT] Opera presents the results of the market study of olives carried out in India.

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Opera presents the report of the market study of olives carried out in India for Extenda and INTERACEITUNA.

The Director of the Intelligence Department of Markets, Alvaro Espejo, presented on 4 July 2019 in Seville to representatives of Extenda and the sector such as Interaceituna and Asemesa, the main findings of the Indian market investigation carried out.

The presentation presented the main findings of the study carried out to improve the internationalization of the olive sector in India.

The investigation, which lasted 4 and a half months, carried out a thorough analysis on the Indian market for the Spanish olive and the evaluation of the impact of the promotional campaigns carried out in previous years by Interaceituna. To this end, extensive fieldwork was carried out in India, with store check in the main points of sale, meetings with agents of the sector and interviews in depth in the main cities of India with a large sample of consumers.

The results of the work will serve as an informative document both for the entrance to the market of the companies of the Andalusian olive sector, and for the design of their promotional campaigns in the market.

The report is now available for free download. ¡Download the report! Sorry in report only this in Spanish.

Opera Global Business advises companies in Castilla-La Mancha on the opportunities of the US market

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Once again, The Institute of Foreign Promotion of Castilla-La Mancha has Opera Global Business in the execution of the direct commercial mission, scheduled in New York and Miami for September.

On Wednesday, June 19, during the registration phase, an informative day was held by the Opera Global Business team, to provide specific information on the destinations of New York and Miami and, in addition, to advise companies interested in participating in them.

This mission, aimed primarily at companies in the contract sector, consumer goods and services, is for the La Mancha companies a first approach to the US market, as well as a consolidation and expansion of their products for those already positioned in the country.

Opera Global Business supports the “Cámara de Comercio de Jerez de la Frontera” for an institutional mission in Italy

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On the occasion of the prestigious Pitti Uomo fair in Florence, our international consultancy has organized an agenda of institutional meetings, accompanying the “Cámara de Comercio de Jerez” and MOVEX in the destination.

From the 10th to the 13th of June, different representatives of the Chamber of Commerce of Jerez de la Frontera and of MOVEX (Technological Center of the Skin of Ubrique) have made a prospection trip in Italy, taking advantage of the 96th edition of the fair fashionista Pitti Uomo in the city of Florence.

The activity is part of the program “International Plan for the Promotion of SMEs” of the Chamber of Commerce of Jerez de la Frontera, co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the IEDT of the Diputación de Cádiz.

With the aim of improving the international attitude and the exporting fabric of the province of Cádiz, this prospecting trip has been made in Italy, which has included a visit to the Pitti Immagine Uomo Fair in Florence, a prestigious international fashion show for men , and an agenda of institutional meetings to have an approach to the economic reality of the local sector and share visions, success stories and future prospects.

The role of Opera Global Business

The consultants of Opera Global Business have been in charge of selecting the main local institutional organizations and organizing the meeting agenda, in addition to making constant on-site support, with translations and personalized accompaniment at the Pitti Uomo Fair.

This work demonstrates once again the experience in the management of international relations, both at the institutional level and at the private level of the Opera Global Business consultants.

Opera will promote european Garnacha on the asian continent

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The Spanish company has signed its fifth contract for the implementation of European programmes for the promotion of agri-food products.

The project, which Opera will promote over the next three months, aims to inform consumers and Asian professionals about the origin of the European Garnacha variety. The budget will be 3,600,000 euros and will be co-financed by the European Union through its agency for the promotion of European agricultural products CHAFEA.

Until 2021 Opera Global Business will coordinate the promotional activities of the project, which are planned in six areas of the Far East: China, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and South Korea.  These regions correspond to the emerging and consolidated economies, which Garnacha Origen and CIVR, the two beneficiaries of the project, have identified as strategic areas.

These two associations represent one of the largest groupings in Europe in the Garnacha variety sector. Currently, together they have more than 50,000 hectares of vineyards, almost 8,000 winegrowers and more than 20 European quality seals divided between Protected Designation of Origin and Protected Geographical Indication.

“It is an ambitious and complex project that fits in with our nature” says Óscar Pérez-Borbujo Álvarez, President & CEO of Opera Global Business; “the need to implement a strategy that combines different European areas in third countries, close to each other but culturally distant light years, is an exciting challenge”.

The Garnacha Asia Programme has been designed to cover different channels and various profiles of professionals who come into contact with the wines of this variety every day. Program activities include educational events that will showcase the added value present in Garnacha wines.

Opera Global Businnes’ work on this project will cover all stages of the internationalisation process. In this specific case, several departments and area managers will be working together. “Opera Global Business operates in eight countries. We have our own offices, which not only act as project executors, but also actively support the internationalization processes of the organizations of the country where they have been implemented, offering the right added value that customers demand” explains the CEO of the consulting firm.

With eight offices on three continents and local staff in each, Opera Global Business has more than 400 projects in its portfolio implemented in more than 50 countries, adapting to the cultural environment of the country with which it works and designing specific strategies for each client. “We want to maintain our philosophy of International SMEs”, says Óscar Pérez-Borbujo Álvarez, “the same philosophy that has allowed us to offer a personalised service to all our clients, whether they are public bodies or private companies. An effective strategy cannot be proposed to organisations without knowing the business fabric and, equally, it is impossible to satisfy the international needs of companies without knowing the dynamics of international promotion that governments mark with their promotion organisations”.

The FishFest project starts

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Opera Global Business is one of the 8 beneficiary companies of the FishFest project, co-financed by the European agency EASME.

The FishFest project, which is part of the COSME programme, is mainly destined for European small and medium Enterprises. The activities that are being carried out are designed to bring together various countries and sectors of the business fabric of the old continent.

This project has the participation of 8 partners from 6 different countries, including National Authorities, Municipalities, SMEs and Chambers of Commerce.

Last Monday 13 May, in the Italian city of Bari, the 8 partners outlined the main features of the project, its protocols and its priority objectives. The programme aims to create a European festival that can promote the fishing traditions and cultures of the six countries involved: Spain, Italy, Albania, Montenegro, Greece and Portugal.

The project’s total budget, which will last two years, is around €400,000, 75% of which is financed by the European Union.

Opera Global Business enters El Patio to accelerate the development of Startups

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Opera Global Business is introduced as a company specializing in internationalization in El Patio, Andalucía Open Future project center for the acceleration of technology-based projects.


Opera-Global-Business- internalizacion


On April 11, the second edition of El Patio began, an initiative of Andalucía Open Future that aims to accelerate technology-based startups, driven by the Junta de Andalucía, Telefónica and the City of Córdoba.

In this second edition, they have a total of 8 selected companies which a period of 8 months, companies will have the support of specialized mentors in all business areas developing an acceleration methodology.

Opera Global Business will be represented by the consultant Álvaro Espejo as a professional specialized at internationalization area. We will proceed with various mentorships using our own methodology to diagnose potential exporters and design an international strategic plan for their implementation.

Help to design the business strategy won’t only the purpose, but will bet to show them the most important work tools so that they can take advantage of them in the future, as well as transmit the best advice on the key aspects to succeed in foreign markets.

Opera Global Business attends the International Fair Vinitaly

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‘Opera Global Business’ consultants have traveled to Verona in order to attend a prestigious international wine exhibition.

The 53rd edition of Vinitaly was held on April 7th and 8th in Verona. It had 125,000 visitors from 145 different countries. During this event, which is a whole reference in the wine sector, the main trends and novelties of the sector were presented.

More than 4,600 wineries were represented at the fair, where they present their wines from all Italian regions. There was also a small international representation from countries such as Argentina, Spain and France. Some of the wineries organised wine tastings to attract potential international buyers. Among the wines exhibited, FEDERBIO, an old client of OPERA Global Business, presented a wide selection of BIO wines from Italian wineries.

For Opera Global Business, Vinitaly was the perfect occasion to strengthen alliances and relationships with local partners and customers at this sector. In addition, the consultants of the group present the opportunity to promote Italian wine in Europe and in third countries to potencial clients the opportunity to promote Italian wine in Europe and in third countries, through the European OCM funds.

Opera gets 50 potential buyers for ASBEA at the MIPIM fair

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Opera Global Business has supported ASBEA, the Brazilian Association of Architectural Studies, in the process of finding buyers and partners through match-making agendas.

Last March, Opera Global Business consultants accompanied ASBEA during the private conference on Brazilian architecture and investment opportunities in Brazil. The Brazilian association has traveled to Cannes to attend the conference celebrated during the MIPIM fair in order to find potential buyers and strategic partners.

This time, the Brazilian architecture stand at the MIPIM fair served as a point of promotion and meeting with European buyers and investors. In addition, the association exchanged trends and explored possibilities for international collaboration.

This action is part of the project “Built by Brazil”, which has the participation of APEX Brazil and ASBEA. Opera Global Business has been part of this project, contributing to the promotion of the export of Brazilian architecture by organizing matchmaking agendas and organizating the conference given during the MIPIM fair, considered the most important in Europe.

This mission represents a great step forward in the expansion of Brazilian architecture. It is a continuation of the 3 promotional missions carried out by Opera Global Business and ASBEA during 2018 in the South American market.

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