Opera Global Business supports entrepreneur women in Central America

Opera Global Business supports entrepreneur women in Central America

by Opera Global Business

The Ministry of Commerce and Industries  (MICI) of Panama has entrusted to Opera Global Business the development of the Women Entrepreneurexport programme, where about twenty women can make the internationalisation of their company a reality.


Thanks to the work with Opera Global Business for the General Management Export Promoting of MICI and with the backing by the Support Programme of Strengthening and Modernization of the Ministry of Commerce and Industries of PNUD, these entrepreneurs export their products belonging to the agriculture sector, agroindustrial and handcrafted sectors to any part of the world. This allows an improvement in gender equality, the competitiveness and women empowerment within the export sector of the country, thus contributing to achieve the goals of the Sustainable Development Objectives (SDO5 Gender Equality and SDO8 Decent work and economic growth).



Benefits of Women Entrepreneurexport programme


Women Entrepreneurexport is focused on boosting the businesses of entrepreneur women of different areas of Panama (Panama, Chiriqui, Cocle and the region of Azuero) through consultancies activities, technical assistance, recruitments and advertising to which to international commerce. Thanks to this, the attendees can have:


  • Individual Internationalization Plan
  • Increase of their business reach
  • Improvements on their products and services
  • E-commerce technical support
  • Strengthen of their technical capacities
  • Contact with possible foreign buyers by participating in reference business dates such as the National Congress Business Roundtable of Export.


Once finished the  diagnostic phase of Women Entrepreneurexport, from Opera Global Business we will continue to back and boost the development of the programme and these type of initiatives over time. We are happy to belong and contribute to the inclusive development and export capacity of local Panamanian businesses, which, by a continuous consultancy process, they will prosper.

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