The 2nd edition of the Mujer Emprende Export project begins

The 2nd edition of the Mujer Emprende Export project begins

by Opera Global Business

One more year, and after the success of the 1st edition, Opera Global Business continues to focus on gender equality and the growth of inclusive development through the implementation of the #MujerEmprendexport program in Panama.

The fundamental objective of the participation of Opera Global Business in this program is to promote the competitiveness of companies led by Panamanian women, providing them with advice, training and technical assistance to promote their products in the international market.

To achieve these objectives, the program is divided into different actions:

– Pre-selection of qualified candidates to participate (May – July). Selection of the companies participating in the program, making an initial diagnosis of the viability of their participation and use of the program.

– Group internationalization workshops (mid-July). Topics of information sources, data, statistics, trade barriers, international promotion will be taught.

– Individual tutorials: Mentoring (June-August). Each participating company will receive 3 sessions in which they will prepare for a commercial agenda and the internationalization of their product.

– Individual business agendas B2B online. Preparation of the commercial agenda and preparation for it (August-September).

– Monitoring of commercial actions (one month later).

Thanks to these actions, the participating Panamanian companies will be prepared to improve their competitiveness and export capacity, achieving an increase in their exports and, therefore, in their global sales volume.

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