Opera will promote european Garnacha on the asian continent

Opera will promote european Garnacha on the asian continent

by Opera Global Business

The Spanish company has signed its fifth contract for the implementation of European programmes for the promotion of agri-food products.

The project, which Opera will promote over the next three months, aims to inform consumers and Asian professionals about the origin of the European Garnacha variety. The budget will be 3,600,000 euros and will be co-financed by the European Union through its agency for the promotion of European agricultural products CHAFEA.

Until 2021 Opera Global Business will coordinate the promotional activities of the project, which are planned in six areas of the Far East: China, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and South Korea.  These regions correspond to the emerging and consolidated economies, which Garnacha Origen and CIVR, the two beneficiaries of the project, have identified as strategic areas.

These two associations represent one of the largest groupings in Europe in the Garnacha variety sector. Currently, together they have more than 50,000 hectares of vineyards, almost 8,000 winegrowers and more than 20 European quality seals divided between Protected Designation of Origin and Protected Geographical Indication.

“It is an ambitious and complex project that fits in with our nature” says Óscar Pérez-Borbujo Álvarez, President & CEO of Opera Global Business; “the need to implement a strategy that combines different European areas in third countries, close to each other but culturally distant light years, is an exciting challenge”.

The Garnacha Asia Programme has been designed to cover different channels and various profiles of professionals who come into contact with the wines of this variety every day. Program activities include educational events that will showcase the added value present in Garnacha wines.

Opera Global Businnes’ work on this project will cover all stages of the internationalisation process. In this specific case, several departments and area managers will be working together. “Opera Global Business operates in eight countries. We have our own offices, which not only act as project executors, but also actively support the internationalization processes of the organizations of the country where they have been implemented, offering the right added value that customers demand” explains the CEO of the consulting firm.

With eight offices on three continents and local staff in each, Opera Global Business has more than 400 projects in its portfolio implemented in more than 50 countries, adapting to the cultural environment of the country with which it works and designing specific strategies for each client. “We want to maintain our philosophy of International SMEs”, says Óscar Pérez-Borbujo Álvarez, “the same philosophy that has allowed us to offer a personalised service to all our clients, whether they are public bodies or private companies. An effective strategy cannot be proposed to organisations without knowing the business fabric and, equally, it is impossible to satisfy the international needs of companies without knowing the dynamics of international promotion that governments mark with their promotion organisations”.

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