Promos Italy entrusts Opera Global Business on the implementation of Digital InBuyer 2020

Promos Italy entrusts Opera Global Business on the implementation of Digital InBuyer 2020

by Opera Global Business

Promos Italy, the National Italian Marketing Agency, continues with its InBuyer project, a programme committed to business meetings with international buyers from over 40 countries. The objective of this marketing programme is to create and strengthen the relationship between Italian producers and active international buyers in different commercial sectors, such as food and beverage, cosmetics, furniture, fashion among others, by organising b2b meetings between the chosen traders.


This year, due to the health emergency and due to the established restrictions, these b2b meetings have been designed to be held online, so InBuyer project has evolved to Digital InBuyer, where Opera Global Business has an important role. Promos Italy has trusted our digital services to provide continuous support for this initiative of ‘digital” adjustment for Italian SMEs and recruitment of buyers from different European countries.


So, at Opera Global Business we are providing support to this project giving it a renewed turn, recruiting buyers and coordinating it during thr 3 days of online b2b meetings with Italian producer businesses through an online platform created for this.


Thanks to this initiative , (which started the 8th of september and will continue till the 3rd of December) and to the know how which Opera has with similar projects, Promos Italy can continue to guarantee the provision of its services to Italian SMEs so they may continue doing international business.

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