Opera develops an international market project in Vigo

Opera develops an international market project in Vigo

by Opera Global Business

The group will lead the direction of several days related to the markets

Since last February, different conferences related to foreign trade and the internationalization of companies have been held at the headquarters of the Free Trade Zone Consortium of Vigo. Opera Global Business is collaborating in this project carrying out the direction of those conferences related to markets.

The program called “Miércoles en Zona Franca” is composed of a total of 53 days, 28 of which will coordinate Opera. The themes of the conference are focused on both internationalization processes and selected specific markets. Responding to its name, will be held every Wednesday until mid 2020, except July and August.

The conference will present the main differentiating characteristics of each market according to the country in which it is developed, as well as identifying commercial opportunities for Galician companies. In addition, every Wednesday there will be companies with experience in markets that will offer their different points of view. Finally, the program also offers individualized tutorials services to attend interested in deepening in a particular topic.

So far, three sessions have been held on the markets of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Iran, the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico, and the Baltic and Finnish markets.

Opera professionals such as Álvaro Espejo or Sebastián Díaz, from market research and training department, have already been able to share their knowledge on these markets with more than 80 Galician SMEs.

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