New online services

New online services

by Opera Global Business

At Opera Global Business we are committed with our clients and suppliers, answering each and every one of them depending on their needs and demands.

For that, in these times of change and new normality we have opted to adapt our internationalization services with a mix of online  and blended activities to grid constraints which we are faced with nowadays (movement bans between certain countries, capacity limitations, cancellation of international fairs, etc)

Contact online with international buyers through a platform designed to hold B2B meetings online.

Online space to gather all the businesses as if it were a normal fair.

Be it a demo, tasting, samplings…. Presentation of a product may be done via streaming along with a notice of objective connections.

At Opera Global Business we offer a service that goes beyond traditional conferences, promoting direct intersctions among participants.

Online 360 º trips to production centers, farms and other facilities.

Tailor-made courses both live as well as deferred, adapting to the length, format, syllabus or desired methodology.

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