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We offer specialized training in Foreign Trade designed based on real needs. Flexibility and specialization are the grounds on which our training catalog is built. Our courses are functional and operational, with current practical sessions.

We count with an e-learning platform and a catalog of more than 100 courses in commerce and foreign trade. We have face-to-face, distance and online.

About qualified training, Opera Global Business’ high positions act as prescribers for forums and specialized seminars. This activity complements the market intelligence, conducting studies for the client and then conducting training sessions on the same subject, so to deepen the study content.

We train executives and staff in foreign trade.
Marketing, market intelligence, strategy design and implementation, international legislation, strategic and operational marketing, and company analysis

In-company, online and offline training: We have foreign trade professionals in each area of interest: marketing, market intelligence, design and implementation strategies, international legislation, strategic and operational marketing and company analysis.

  • Seminars
  • Workshops
  • Presentations
  • Courses
  • Master
  • Regulated training
  • Mentoring


Our experts teaching

“Flexibility and specialization are the grounds on which our training catalog is built”

We have a trajectory of seminars development in more than 30 countries!

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