Opera Global Business will support the “Agroindustrias Competitivas” project in which more than 100 Panamanian companies will benefit from specialized technical assistance

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Agroindustrias Competitivas, executed by the Ministry of Commerce and Industries of the Republic of Panama, is the first project of the National Program for Industrial Competitiveness (PNCI). The program’s main objective is to strengthen Panamanian Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MIPYMES) and enhance their opportunities for insertion in the national and international market.

Around 100 companies in the agro-industrial sector will benefit from specialized technical assistance, in which Opera Global Business will be responsible for conducting sector market studies and market access training modules, in which the following topics will be taught:

  1. Product and Technology Innovation
  2. Food Quality and Innocuousness Management
  3. Market Access
  4. Agribusiness Management
  5. Access to Financing

Thanks to Opera’s huge experience in the sector, there are some competencies that Panamanian agribusiness must develop according to their relationship with the market, which will be the main focus for the design and execution of this project.


The general objectives that have been set are:

-Improve the transparency and collaboration of the agri-food market.

-Improve the relationship between the different components of the value chain of the agri-food industry from the producer to the final consumer.

-Improve the competitiveness of the Panamanian agri-food industry both nationally and internationally.

The priority of “ Agroindustrias Competitivas” is to improve the access of the Panamanian producer to the national market and to be competitive in both quality and price and that they become the first choice of distributors at the national level and enhance Panamanian product compared to imported, in order to open international markets to local production.

The Blu European Festival: an event that connects fishing countries

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The Blu European Festival is an event which aims to develop an innovative transnational thematic tourism product focused on European fishing traditions that took place from 25th to 28th of February at the city of Bermeo. The fish tourism thematic is an opportunity to, in one hand, create new jobs and, in the other, to revive the communities who depend on this sector. 


The beautiful journey among coastal and fishing communities of six different European countries came to an end ten days ago. In this final video you’ll be able to watch some activities and events of the Spanish edition of the Blu European Festival, realized by Opera Global Business and Tierra Creativa in collaboration with Bermeo Tuna World Capital. 


We thank all our national and international partners from Portugal, Italy, Greece, Montenegro and Albania that accompanied us in the challenging but fantastic adventure!


The Blu European Festival has been only the final step of the Fish Fest project, co-financed by the European Agency EASME, of which Opera Global Business has been one of the 8 beneficiary companies. 

Opera supports the trade between Europe and South Korea within the Organic Processed Food industry

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Opera Global Business, in collaboration with the EC21 agency, have been implemented a virtual B2B event organized by The National Agricultural Products Quality Management Service (NAQS) last December 10th 2020. The 15 leading companies in organic processed food industry from Korea participated to meet European buyers in order to strengthen the business relations. Opera consultant’s team organized a virtual round table with buyers from Spain, United Kingdom, Check Republic, Germany among others. More than 40 b2b meetings have been implemented between Korean producers and European buyers.

This is another effective promotional tool to open up new opportunities in the Korean organic food industry and thus support the business exchange between Europe and South Korea.

More info about Opera Global Business offices and network around the world:

Promos Italy entrusts Opera Global Business on the implementation of Digital InBuyer 2020

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Promos Italy, the National Italian Marketing Agency, continues with its InBuyer project, a programme committed to business meetings with international buyers from over 40 countries. The objective of this marketing programme is to create and strengthen the relationship between Italian producers and active international buyers in different commercial sectors, such as food and beverage, cosmetics, furniture, fashion among others, by organising b2b meetings between the chosen traders.


This year, due to the health emergency and due to the established restrictions, these b2b meetings have been designed to be held online, so InBuyer project has evolved to Digital InBuyer, where Opera Global Business has an important role. Promos Italy has trusted our digital services to provide continuous support for this initiative of ‘digital” adjustment for Italian SMEs and recruitment of buyers from different European countries.


So, at Opera Global Business we are providing support to this project giving it a renewed turn, recruiting buyers and coordinating it during thr 3 days of online b2b meetings with Italian producer businesses through an online platform created for this.


Thanks to this initiative , (which started the 8th of september and will continue till the 3rd of December) and to the know how which Opera has with similar projects, Promos Italy can continue to guarantee the provision of its services to Italian SMEs so they may continue doing international business.

Opera Global Business promotes Conexport 2020, the online fair for Panamanian exporters

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The Panamanian Association of Exporters, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry and Investments Attraction Agency and Promotion of ProPanama Exports have entrusted Opera Global Business to hold the Conexport 2020. It is the 5th edition of the National Export Congress, which will be held online this year.


In this project, Opera Global Business will help promote busines among the agriculture, agri-industrial, fishery, industrial and service sectors. So, between the 19th and the 23rd of October 2020 the Panamanian export sector will be able to enjoy all the advantages of taking part in this type of event in a new setting coordinated by Opera Global Business. Conexport 2020 presents itself as a free tool this year, that will allow Panamanian businesses to offer their products and services, as well as establishing interesting contacts with potential international buyers.

Under the slogan “Whatever you need, Panama”, exporting businesses will have a series of conferences, where local and international exhibitors will participate, business round-table with more than 30 buyers from England, France, Aruba and Dominica and more, who are interested in acquiring products from the exportable offers, commercial fair with free stands and the novelty this year, Open Chef Panaexport, during which delicious recipes will be made with  products of Export quality.


In this project, Opera Global Business will help promote busines among the agriculture, agri-industrial, fishery, industrial and service sectors


The success of the gathering is such, that this year the event has multiplied by five its number of participant buyers from Europe, the United States, Asia and the Caribbean and more than 130 exporting businesses are expected to join the business roundtables. With the support of Opera Global Business, Conexport 2020 will once again be the reference event within the international export circuit, without it being affected by the Covid-19 crisis.

Opera Global Business supports entrepreneur women in Central America

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The Ministry of Commerce and Industries  (MICI) of Panama has entrusted to Opera Global Business the development of the Women Entrepreneurexport programme, where about twenty women can make the internationalisation of their company a reality.


Thanks to the work with Opera Global Business for the General Management Export Promoting of MICI and with the backing by the Support Programme of Strengthening and Modernization of the Ministry of Commerce and Industries of PNUD, these entrepreneurs export their products belonging to the agriculture sector, agroindustrial and handcrafted sectors to any part of the world. This allows an improvement in gender equality, the competitiveness and women empowerment within the export sector of the country, thus contributing to achieve the goals of the Sustainable Development Objectives (SDO5 Gender Equality and SDO8 Decent work and economic growth).



Benefits of Women Entrepreneurexport programme


Women Entrepreneurexport is focused on boosting the businesses of entrepreneur women of different areas of Panama (Panama, Chiriqui, Cocle and the region of Azuero) through consultancies activities, technical assistance, recruitments and advertising to which to international commerce. Thanks to this, the attendees can have:


  • Individual Internationalization Plan
  • Increase of their business reach
  • Improvements on their products and services
  • E-commerce technical support
  • Strengthen of their technical capacities
  • Contact with possible foreign buyers by participating in reference business dates such as the National Congress Business Roundtable of Export.


Once finished the  diagnostic phase of Women Entrepreneurexport, from Opera Global Business we will continue to back and boost the development of the programme and these type of initiatives over time. We are happy to belong and contribute to the inclusive development and export capacity of local Panamanian businesses, which, by a continuous consultancy process, they will prosper.

Chilepork presents with the support of Opera Global Business, its products in China

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The 28th of September Chilepork (the association of pork meat in Chile) organized with the support of Opera Global Business, a presentation and tasting event of its products to Chinese meat sector professionals. The event was held in Shangai coinciding with the Sial China fair, which held an atypical edition by limiting the assistance to only a national level because of the international mobility limitations which are imposed by the country. This has caused the fair to not have a very successful outcome.



The exact opposite happened with this event, to which 100 people attended, mostly Chinese importers from the meat sector. Also authority figures from Chile in China atattended such as the ambassador  D. Luis Schmidt and the Sales Director of  Prochile in China, Juan José Vidal.

Because of the mobility limitations, the day had a peculiarity that Chilean businesses took part by streaming from Chile through a huge screen in the room. Each started with welcoming remarks through the big screen. Followed by the ambassador, there present, who also had words of welcome and thanks to the attendee. After the presentation, a cooking show was held of typical Chinese dishes with Chilean pork as main actor. After the presentation, the guest were able to taste the dishes prepared by the chef.

The whole act was streamed, so Chilepork as well as Chilean businesses could watch it live. This innovative initiative is a further demonstration that Opera Global Business is able to adapt to whatever external obstacle and ib this way continue to help the international promotion plan for its clients.

Opera Global Business resumes the organisation of on site activities

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After months of on- site activities at a standstill due to the COVID19 crisis, Opera Global Business consultancy firm has resumed organising on-site events.

By doing so, on the 9th of September  2020, the firm was in charge of organising a dinner presentation for Spanish beef in Dubai, in collaboration with La Liga, the Spanish Professional Football League

The event, to which more than 70 professionals from the local meat sector came, two awarded chefs with a Michelin Star: Juanlu Fernández y Fernando del Cerro, from the restaurants :Lú Cocina y Alma y Casa José, who were in charge of making the “tapa” from the best national products. The strict security measures put in place, did not affect the development of an advertising activity of great impact in the city.

By organising this activity , Opera takes its first step into the new normality of a world marked by the footprints of a pandemic that has paralysed us, showing us the capacity to adapt in light of the changing reality we find ourselves in.

Opera Global Business opts to digitize advertising to continue backing the internationalization of the sectors

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The new reality imposed by the COVID19 crisis in the world, has forced both institutions and businesses to take a chance on the digitization of their advertising activities.

Because of this, last 16th and 17th of June Opera Global Business, organised an online business roundtable for PROVACUNO (Interprofesional of Beef Meat from Spain)

This activity, which is found inside the promotional programme of European beef “ What a wonderful European Beef” in Hong Kong, consisted of a total of 14 online b2b meetings with Hong Kong import companies of beef meat and the personin charge of PROVACUNO. The main objective of the action was to boost European and Spanish beef export to Hong Kong and to make the European product known to the key actors of the market.

This roundtable was the fisrt of a series of  online events organised by Opera inside the new world scenario.

To discover all the services by the consultancy firm, visit

Opera GB supports the organization of Barcelona Wine Week 2020

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The Barcelona Wine Week (BWW) was held from February 3 to 5, at the Montjuic site.

This is a new project by Alimentaria Exhibitions, which aims to create a meeting point between Spanish wineries and both national and international buyers offering different activities such as: tastings, new trends, spaces of inspiration among others.

Opera Global Business has supported the Organization in attracting international senior buyers from the wine sector in countries such as: China, Baltic States, Korea, Mexico, France and Italy. Inviting them to participate in the Hosted Buyer program, which offers them numerous advantages to be able to know the Spanish offer.

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